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St Louis Mo Tire Shop & Dealer | Mobile Techs offers Tire Service, Tire Repairs, & New Tire Installation

Our technicians at Mobile Techs have access to the most extensive training in the automotive industry. Furthermore, we employ ASE-certified technicians for all areas of work performed. 
Mobile Techs Inc is an ASE Certified Auto Repair Center In St Louis Mo.
Mobile Techs Inc. of St Louis is an Accessfleet Authorized Dealer.
Mobile Techs Inc is an ACDelco participating Independent Service Center.
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Tire Store/Shop in St Louis Mo  |  Tire Dealer / New Tire Installation In St Louis Mo
Tire Shop In St Louis
Tire Store In St Louis
Tire Dealer In St Louis
New tire installation St Louis
New tire sales St Louis

We Have A Large Tire Selection

Balding, cracking or just plain worn down tires? It’s time. Mobile Techs is your complete source for new tires for your car, truck, minivan or SUV. Our car tire experts will help you understand and take advantage of the vast array of tire options available for your specific vehicle type. Different vehicles have different tire needs, but with our wide selection of tires — from all-season tires to winter tires or highway driving to all-terrain — you’ll be sure you’re getting the tire your vehicle needs from a brand you trust. We carry a selection of the top tire brands including Bridgestone, Firestone & Primewell, Toyo, BF Goodrich, Summit, Continental - Cooper - Dunlop - Federal Couragia - Fierce 4ttitude - Pirelli - General Tire - Goodyear - Kumho - Republic - UniRoyal - Michelin - Yokohama - Kelly - LionHead - Carbon Series - and many many more.

St Louis Tire Shop | St Louis Tire Store & Dealer
St Louis Tire Dealer - Mobile Techs of St Louis Mo
Improve your vehicle’s handling, increase tire life, and drive with safety by checking your tires every month to insure that they are inflated with the right amount of air pressure. Mobile Techs offers a wide range of tires services for your vehicle. Let our professionals help you find, balance, and mount the right tires for your car or truck.  

Below are some of the St Louis Tire Services that we offer:

  • Wheel Alignments - Mobile or at our St Louis tire service location.
  • Tire Repairs - Mobile or at our St Louis tire repair location.
  • Tire Pressure Checks- Mobile or at our St Louis tire service location.
  • Tire Rotation- Mobile or at our St Louis tire service location.
  • Tire Mounting- Mobile or at our St Louis tire service location.
  • Wheel Balancing- Mobile or at our St Louis tire service location.
  • Snow Tire Installation- Mobile or at our St Louis tire service location.

​Tire Tips 

How often should I rotate my tires?
Your tires should be rotated every other oil change, or every 5000 miles. Neglecting to rotate tires is a major cause of premature tire wear

Tire Guide: Understanding Your Tire 
Tires are designed and built with great care to provide thousands of miles of excellent service. But for maximum benefit they must be maintained properly.
The most important factors in tire care are:

  • Proper tire size, type and load capacity (or load range)
  • Proper inflation pressure- Make sure you check your tire pressure regularly – at least once per month and before every long trip -- including the spare and keep it at the level recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.  Look for this information in your vehicle. Refer to your vehicle's owners manual for the proper level of inflation; it may also be posted on the door post or in the glove box.  

  • Proper vehicle loading - Before you fill the trunk and the roof rack with your stuff, check out the vehicle manufacturers recommendations for loading your vehicle. You may not realize it, but you and your passengers count towards the total recommended vehicle weight.
  • Tire Tread - Check the tread grooves of your tires to make sure that they’re free of foreign objects. This makes it easier for your tires to grip the road and increases your ability to safely maneuver your car. Also check the sidewalls to make sure there are no gouges, cuts, bulges or other irregularities.
  • Regular tire rotation - Each tire on your car supports a different amount of weight; this unequal weight distribution causes your tires to wear at different rates. By rotating your tires, you can extend their useful life. If your tires show uneven wear, ask your tire dealer to check for and correct any misalignment, imbalance or other mechanical problem involved before rotation.
  • Regular inspection
  • Good driving habits
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